Tennis Instruction

Men’s Tennis

Men’s Tennis takes place every Tuesday at 5pm until 7:30 starting June 7th and runs until September 6, 2022.

Women’s Tennis

Women’s tennis has two sections on Thursdays. Morning sessions are at 9 am and evening sessions start at 5:30. The season runs from June 2nd until September 8th, 2022. The Lilly Cup will be held on July 14th.

TBD – Tennis Professional


1. Condition of Courts.

The Manager shall decide when the courts are acceptable for play.

2. Dress on Courts.

a) Members, Nominated Members and guests are expected to wear appropriate white tennis clothing. A nominal amount of non-white trimming is acceptable. Men must wear collared shirts.

b) Proper tennis shoes must be worn at all times.

3. Court Priorities.

a) If other persons are waiting to play, the maximum time a foursome may hold a court is 1 1/2 hours and a twosome 1 hour from inception of play. The persons playing should advise those waiting of the time remaining for availability of the court.
b) Members whose work keeps them from playing during daylight hours in the week shall have priority play on Sunday mornings until noon.
c) Adults shall have priority over minors for weekend play. 
d) Members waiting for a court should