Opening tonight

As the season starts tonight with our opening clambake, we would like to say how excited we are to get back to the fun of a “normal” summer. However, despite the setbacks of the pandemic, we’re emerging to a “new normal” this year with much-needed improvements to the grounds and clubhouse and a recommitment to the quality and service that makes this club unique and special.

Our new executive chef, Pauline Drumm, brings a culinary flair and energy that has generated a lot of buzz already, and along with our enthusiastic well-trained staff, we expect the standards of hospitality to rise to a new level.

Much of the promise of success this season is mostly due to the expertise of long-time club member David Katleski, who has been retained to consult on revamping the club for launch. His vast experience in the events, brewing and hospitality industry has been invaluable. His time and effort organizing and improving our processes and facilities, training our staff and establishing and negotiating relationships with vendors will surely enhance the quality of our members’ experience and help the club run more efficiently.

Many governors have contributed their unique expertise to enhance the look and feel of the club as well. From Brian Coughlin spearheading projects in the kitchen, bathrooms, and general infrastructure to Mike Woltman securing PPP grants to help fund these improvements to Casey Frazee organizing and staffing the youth program, just to name a few– the entire board has been active and committed to the success of the club for this season and beyond.

President Charlie Andrews has personally supervised many of the ongoing projects and even gotten his hands dirty, literally, adding plantings and installing fixtures to enhance our visual appeal.
Some of the new improvements include new lights, plumbing and electrical, along with new appliances and fixtures in the kitchen. New doors and hardware have been installed on the outside bathrooms, new toilets and fixtures are currently being installed, and lots and lots of paint is hitting the walls. The club is cleaner and safer than it has ever been. We even have a new coyote decoy that has been highly effective at keeping the geese away. It is very realistic. Don’t be alarmed when you see it.
Most of all, we are excited to announce one of our biggest improvements–we now have air conditioning. One of the most requested features of the club is finally here. While we may not need it tonight, you can bet that it will come in handy this summer. It is quiet and effective and will keep us cool in our tux jackets on hot summer nights.There are many more improvements that you will see and many that you will not, but we are certain you will appreciate them in some way or another. Please make the most of the summer and your club, bring friends, play tennis, sip a glass of wine on the porch, reconnect with old friends and let’s get back to the “new improved normal” at the Cazenovia Club.We thank all involved in kicking off this promising post-lockdown season and we look forward to seeing you at the club. We are all happy to be back.Sincerely,The Cazenovia Club Board of Governors
President Andrews lends a hand to Executive Chef Pauline DrummPresident Andrews getting his hands dirty
PS: Saturday night is the first Black tie of the season and Governors Cocktail party. Please sign up by Thursday at noon and celebrate the return to the new season in style.